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My services

I take clothing that you send to me and transform them into cherished handmade treasures. 

Such as Memory pillows, appliqued flower garden bench pillows, stuffed toys, wall plaques, and framed pictures.

Memory Pillows


Memory pillows are, an envelope style pillow, most commonly made from shirts and blouses that you send me. The size is usually   16x16. I add an appliqued label with this saying 

   "This is a shirt 

     I use to wear

Whenever you hold it

    Know I am there"

Once I receive your shirts or blouse if they are not big enough I will contact you about coordinating fabric to complete the project.

Flower Garden Bench Pillows


Flower garden bench pillows are and envelope style pillow created from shirts, blouses, or dresses that you send me. Flower Garden Bench Pillows are 16x36in with seven flowers and flower pots, creating may options for the use of multiple items in one pillow. Once I receive your items I will contact you and we can decide on the best placement for each item. If you don't have large enough items for the back or border we can talk about adding additional corradiated  fabric.



Toys are created from fleece fabric with patches, ears and bandana from items sent to me. Toys are a great way to use left over fabric from Memory Pillows, Flower Garden Bench Pillows, or items to small to be used in pillows. Toys are a perfect way for young children to have a keepsake from a cherished loved one. I have a dog pictured but I also have a cat made in a similar fashion. Toys are 12in. tall with stuffed head and body. The arms and legs are not stuffed. There are several options for fleece colors.

Wall Plaques


Wall plaques are 6 or 8in. embroidery hoops made from Items you send me or fabric I provide. They are machine embroidered with saying from Think about such things word art set. These wall plaques are backed with felt to give them a polished finish. They can be hung on the wall with a ribbon placed through the tightening screw, or hung right from a nail in the same place. Plaques can be coordinated with both the memory pillows and the flower garden bench pillows.

Framed Pictures


Framed pictures are 5x7in. pictures with inspirational, uplifting, snarky, or funny sayings. I can also create unique pictures form family sayings or mottos. These pictures can be embroidered on items sent to me or on canvas provided by me.

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