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About Me


My name is Jackie. I have been sewing and crafting for many, many years. Since I started sewing I have made many things for myself, my five children, and grandchildren, along with many friends and neighbors.

I have sewn everything from clothes to quilts and toys and I have done plenty of mending, which is not my favorite. Mending caused me to come up with a motto I try to live by. "Don't mend make new"

This Motto has led me to create memory pillows, appliqued flower gardens, plaques, pictures and toys. Several years ago I bought an embroidery/sewing machine and quickly fell in love with machine embroidery. I have also repurposed wedding dresses into christening/blessing dresses and confirmation clothing.

Taking a cherished article of clothing and transforming it into something useful and beautiful is both satisfying and rewarding.

If this is something that you would like please contact me and lets work together to create a new cherished keepsake out of old cherished clothing.

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